My Thoughts on The Silver Star by Walls

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As a huge fan of Walls’ book The Glass Castle, my heart sunk a little bit when I realized how much of Walls’ life was being placed at her first effort of fiction: The Silver Star. As I said, I loved The Glass Castle, but that does not mean that I wanted to relive it. It was simply too heavy to experience a second time. In the book The Silver Star the two sisters are forced to go back East and live with family members there. While they are on the road, I dreaded each new paragraph. “Oh no,” I thought, “is there going to be a dirty, sick, disgusting, revolting, jailable, prosecutable Grandma waiting for them?”

Wonderfully, no. There is only an uncle who is a little quirky. But quirky or no, the girls finally have a safe place. I wish Walls had been able to find one at the same age.

I liked this book. The story of the two girls is engaging as they try to find their way in their parent’s old stomping grounds. The oldest sister has been forced to be the responsible one for so long, it is interesting to see what happens to her when she no longer has to save everyone. Not to give too much away, it is her turn to be saved.

What I liked most about this book is that is has instant kharma: the good prosper and the bad are punished most efficiently.

I recommend this book!



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