My Thoughts on Stolen by Christopher

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Gemma is a normal teenager that fights with her parents over her clothes and is rebelling against her parent’s expectations. So it is with relief that she escapes for a few minutes in an airport to grab something to drink before her flight.

But she’s not alone. Ty is waiting for her. As he has been waiting for six years.

Stolen will get in your head, not as badly as The Room, which I wish I had never started, but in a less traumatic way. Ty is not a bad guy. There is no raping and pillaging in this story. He even promises to take her home in a few months if she’ll just stop trying to run away because she keeps hurting herself.

Eventually something occurs which forces Ty to make a choice. . .

There’s nothing creepy in this book. Gemma does not fall in love with her captor or anything that might occur in a Harlequin Romance. But you can see how things might have turned out if fate had not intervened. So you are grateful that it did.stolen


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