Day: November 5, 2013

My Thoughts On The Dark Divine Trilogy by Bree Despain

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Our local library had a special exhibit for these books during the month of October. They were presenting the books because they are full of suspense, perfect for the Halloween season, and the author also lives in Utah.

I enjoyed this trilogy. There is danger and romance — a werewolf without the pesky vampire– everything you want for a quick, nice read.

In the first book Daniel re-enters Grace’s life over the strong objections of Grace’s brother, Jude. Daniel is distant, angry, but clearly longs for the family relationship Grace enjoys. Though Grace wants to remain loyal to her brother, she cannot help but take action to help save Daniel, even though she does not understand what he need to be saved from.

Grace and Daniel’s relationship is re-established at the end of the first book, especially after Grace literally sacrifices everything that she has to save Daniel. But Jude has been hiding a secret and hurts Grace. Move along to the second book. . .

Grace is trying to adapt to the changes in her life at the same time Daniel is fighting for his own answers. These very different paths take them away from each other. Before love can conquer all, Daniel changes in order to save Grace. And he gets stuck. . .

Bring on Book Three. This is the largest of the three books. I found myself flipping through the pages in order to find some happiness for Grace. The ending of this book has a lot of action, heartache, betrayal and then (?) a little peace and happiness.