My Thoughts On Gorgeous by Rudnick

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Over dinner I told my kids all about this book. I told them about how it was a story of a girl who was raised by her mother who died too young. Before she died, she made her daughter promise to embrace the magic that was coming her way. So when she gets a phone call from the most famous designer in the world who promises to make her the most beautiful woman in the world, she leaves her old world and embraces the magic of an entirely new one.

As the most beautiful woman in the world, she graces magazine covers, stars in a movie and even gets to meet a prince. And then it gets interesting. Because that is when she falls in love. . .and he falls in love with the most beautiful girl in the world. But the magic has a time limit and time is definitely running out.

My children were highly entertained, and so was I when I read this book. But I cannot in good faith recommend it to anyone because it is full of so many “f” bombs and even the “c” word makes an appearance, which is pretty unforgivable. I wish authors would realize that language adds nothing to truly great dialogue.

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