My Thoughts on My Favorite Midlife Crisis (Yet!) by Deven

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When I dug into “My Favorite Midlife Crisis (Yet!)” by Devens, I thought that Toby Devens was a male, and I was amazed by his insight and ability to write about a strong female. But I took the time to look Toby Devens up, and I discovered he is actually a she (Whew!). The secret processes of a woman’s brain are still safe.

The main character of this book, Gwyneth, is a doctor living in Baltimore. Her life has recently been turned upside down by the discovery that her husband is gay and has chosen a new life with their interior designer, Brad.

The cover summary on this book makes My Favorite Midlife Crisis (Yet!) seem light and adventurous as Gwyneth starts a new life. It is actually a lot heavier than the title or summary would lead you to believe. Gwyneth must battle through the fall-out of a divorce, starting a new health clinic, holding onto her position at work, coming to terms with her father’s illness, and, oh yes, somewhere in there she must date again.

Because of the heavy themes throughout this book, it is easy to put down. It is not a page-turner. That said, it is exceptionally well written and worth the effort.


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