My Thoughts On “The Shadow Throne” by Jennifer Nielsen

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I started this trilogy a few years ago with my book club. Each book is a very fun read that can be enjoyed by adults and teens alike. I especially recommend this book to parents with teenage boys. It is so hard to find intelligent books for boys to read!

Trilogies seem to be the fashion of late, and I have been burned before. Divergent series — did not go anywhere near that final book when I heard what Roth had done. Matched series — alright, I admit, I was cheering for Xander, so I really did not like the final installment. Everneath? Ahem. Apparently I always choose the wrong hero to cheer on because I was a fan of Cole and the final installment left me sad. Okay, I admit it, borderline devastated. Hunger Games. Did anyone like the final installment? No? I’ll tell you why. Because Peeta is the soul of the Hunger Games, and without him, it all falls short. Take that, crazy Gale fans.

With such an experience, can you imagine my doubts going into The Shadow Throne? But I am happy to share that Nielsen does not disappoint. I had my concerns. I reached Page 71 and sent Nielsen a nasty note via Twitter. But she encouraged me to read on, and I am glad that I did. The book was engaging, entertaining and intelligent. Happy reading!


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