My Thoughts on The Maze Runner by James Dashner

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Sometimes I have the opportunity to review books that have not been released yet. I am then asked to provide my comments to the publisher. I learned early on that if I said something fabulous and a little out there, my comments would make the cover and the Amazon page as the “Editorial Reviewer”.

So it’s with that background that I say that I HATE IT when people say that a book “is the next. . .” I get why they do it. I’ve done it. But I think it’s a curse. I am sorry, The Maze Runner is not the “next” Hunger Games. It took me two years to get through this book.

I will say that I like this book for boys. They have so few intelligent options to choose from — I am glad this series is out. But I probably will not read The Scorch Trials, though I desperately want to know what happened to Teresa. I will go see the movie, though. This book belongs on the big screen. I cannot wait to see the maze or how they constructed The Grievers.


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