Day: October 12, 2014

Not In The Script

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Check out my review of Not In The Script published by The Deseret News!

What I Finished: Made For You

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Everyone loves Eva. She is wealthy, her parents employ most of the town, and she’s cute. It’s a lethal combination.

Which turns even more lethal when someone tries to actually kill Eva by running her over with a car when her stupid boyfriend stands her up and she is forced to walk home.

When Eva wakes up, she has to face her injuries and the fact that someone is out to get her friends since he failed to kill her.

She also awakes with the ability to see the deaths of those around her just be touching them. Can she use this new ability to stop the killer?

Made For You is a good October pick — a little creepy with danger lurking around every page turn.

Though it’s a Young Adult Fiction, I would preview before letting my teen read this book. There are multiple instances of underage drinking and sex.

My Thoughts on Black Ice

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Since it is October, I have been trying to load up on scary books.

This Young Adult Fiction book is by author Becca Fitzpatrick. She also wrote the Hush, Hush, which I have heard really great things about.

I am not usually taken by surprise with a plot twist, but I was with this novel. Page 166. Totally did not see you coming. Well done!

There are a few times when you have to suspend reality. Some things just would not happen. I’m from Idaho, and there were a few parts that did not make sense. But, let it go and enjoy the book!

I especially loved the very, very end. I have to admit I have read it more than once. Hooray for happy endings!