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My Thoughts On The Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani

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I enjoyed this book. In a literature world full of sequels and trilogies, this is a stand-alone book that carries a story through 50 years. The author worked on this book for 20 years, and you can tell!

Ciro is a young boy when his father dies and his mother is makes the decision to leave him and his brother at a convent in Italy. When Ciro is forced to leave the convent, he is able to gain an apprenticeship in New York. While there, he is reunited with a girl he met quickly when he was living in the convent. But the stars do not align for them, and they are separated by other relationships and a World War until they find one another again.

If anyone is willing to take on a 500 page epic tale that will make you smile and cry, sometimes in the same chapter, I highly recommend this book.